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Man (42) bites police officer in Belgrade during arrest: He's suspected of mediating in prostitution

The suspect has been detained for up to 48 hours

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The police in Belgrade arrested LJ.S. (42) on suspicion of having committed the criminal offenses of mediation in prostitution and assault on an official person performing official duties.

Based on information that sexual services were being advertised on a website, police officers found the suspect and his wife (52) in an apartment in Zvezdara, Belgrade.

It is suspected that the 52-year-old was supposed to provide sexual services to a man for money, while LJ.S. was her "security."

During the arrest, the suspect pushed and bit a police officer, inflicting minor bodily injuries on him.

The suspect has been detained for up to 48 hours, and will be brought before the First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, along with a criminal report, while an appropriate misdemeanor report will be filed against the 52-year-old woman.

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