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More than half a million people in Belgrade have been revaccinated against Covid

The vaccination bus will be in Vreoci, in front of Kolubara, today from 8 am until 4 pm

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Vakcinacija u Beogradu

Poto: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

According to official data from the City Institute of Public Health, 500,967 adults have beeen revaccinated, which is 36 percent of Belgrade's adult population, Goran Vesic told TV Happy this morning.

He added that revaccination of half a million people is a great victory for Belgrade and thanked the citizens of Belgrade for responding to calls to get vaccinated in great numbers.

"As of yesterday, 45.3 percent of the adult population, 630,782 people, have been vaccinated, while in the 65 to 74 age group, 75.07 percent have been vaccinated. In city municipalities of Stari Grad, Vracar and Savski Venac, up to 85% of the population in this group have been vaccinated," said Vesic, who serves as deputy mayor of Belgrade.

He stressed that another 60,222 people should be vaccinated in Belgrade in order for exactly half of the population to be protected, and he called on citizens to get the jab.

"The vaccination bus will be in Vreoci, in front of Kolubara, today from 8 am until 4 pm, tomorrow from 8:30 am until 3 pm in Grocanska Carsija, and on Thursday in Veliki Mokri Lug. During the weekend, the bus will be on the Sava Promenade and on the Zemun Quay. Vaccination will also be possible in three more shopping centers. Namely, we are preparing vaccination points in the Beo shopping center in Vojislava Ilica Street, in the shopping center in Rajiceva Street, as well as in Galerija Belgrade in Belgrade Waterfront," announced Vesic.

Vesic revealed that not everyone in the Crisis HQ was in favor of opening shopping malls for vaccination, and for administering vaccines in a bus.

"I made the decision to prepare the bus and these locations in shopping malls before we received official approval. Only President Vucic and the wonderful people from the City Institute of Public Health supported me. I didn't invent that, I saw how they do it in New York, London, Moscow and Tel Aviv. That is why Belgrade is the most successful region (in Serbia) when it comes to vaccination, because there is this 'strong-headed' Vesic who fights for Belgraders and wants them to have everything that New Yorkers or residents of London have," said Vesic.

He stressed that it was time for Belgrade to return to normal life.

"Several weeks ago we sent protocols to the Crisis HQ, which were made by the City Institute of Public Health, and which refer to the procedure for organizing congresses, seminars, weddings, concerts and festivals. I expect that these protocols will be accepted and that we will tell the people who work in the event industry when they will be able to organize events again," said Vesic.


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