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In Serbia as well: Micro houses on Cigota slopes - an oasis but also a challenge to architects

An unusual ambience and a challenge for architects

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Koncept Projekat Crne Stene Zlatibor

Photo: Crne Stene Concept/Handout material

At the top of Mt. Zlatibor's Cigota peak, at an altitude of 1,230 meters above sea level, a complex of three interesting houses is getting built. In short, it will be a scene showing structures emerge from the hill.

Manojlo Vujovic, who is the investor, told Telegraf Biznis that he wanted to point out that a modern type of architecture can be applied in Serbia as well.

The project arose as an idea to create an oasis of hedonism in the untouched nature of Mt. Zlatibor below the mountain peak, in the heart of the nature park.

As Vujovic reveals to us, three independent houses on three levels, 80 square meters each, will be a refuge for absolute relaxation and enjoyment.

A modern reduced design, panoramic view of untouched nature, contents such as outdoor jacuzzi around the year, Netflix, Edenbooks, electrobikes, barbeque, smart control heating, catering and many other amenities will make guests feel fulfilled, says our interlocutor.

The idea arose from the desire of the owner to show that this modern type of architecture can be applied in Serbia as well.

And as such, in conjunction with our beautiful nature, to provoke a reaction to develop a part of tourism that is not sufficiently promoted in our country. The project will start to be implemented this summer and will be fully operational next year, Vujovic states.

The three houses that emerge from the ground are conceived as micro-residential, individual homes that are connected by  terrain and landscape into a unique complex. The development of the idea began with the orientation of the structures by integrating the best view defined by the north-south axis.

The concept of the house relies on the idea of ​​a cabin, the cabin house closes on all three sides, thus giving it privacy, opens only to the landscape, that is, the slope framing the view.

The cabins are designed with a sloping roof, roof-to-ground contact, a compact base and vertical organization. On the steep rocky terrain, with a simple design and geometry of the roof, each house follows the same concept of emerging and opening towards nature.

A lot of attention is paid to energy efficiency as especially important because of the location and exposure to harsh mountain climate. Wiring and installations are planned according to the smart home system with the possibility of remote control.

The cost can be from 200 euros per square meter, but they are synonymous with luxury

As the owner tells us, the house on the slopes of the mountain peak provides a new dimension of housing and rest.

The spreading of the trend of building, selling and buying, but also renting small, narrow houses - is not stopping. They were created with the idea of ​​being more economical, affordable and simpler than conventional commercial housing - which they often are, although their interior is also often outside the bounds of "the ordinary."

Such houses are sold as a luxury, the last achievement in minimalism, and it's interesting that they are characterized by at least three common features: emphasis on availability of natural light (large side/roof windows), absence of bathtubs (there are only showers) and an office corner, as a consequence of the pandemic. This one on Cigota will be more than that.

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