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Croats send protest note to Hungary: They want explanation of Orban's statement concerning their territory

We called the ambassador of Hungary and handed him a note, we condemned the statement, said Minister Bozinovic

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Viktor Orban, Mađarska, izbori

Photo: Tanjug/AP

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted strongly and condemned a statement made by Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, which, according to Croatian media, implies that the Croatian Adriatic was taken away from Hungary.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that on that occasion, the Hungarian ambassador to Croatia was summoned to a competent department and that was expected to explain "statements like these that unnecessarily damage our good neighborly relations."

"Croatia condemns the statement of Prime Minister of Hungary Orban. We also condemn any territorial claims against other sovereign states," reads the statement, the Croatian portal Index reported.

Minister of the Interior of Croatia Davor Bozinovic also reacted, saying that the Government of the Republic of Croatia is pursuing a clear policy of good neighborly relations, but that it will protect national interests.

"We called the ambassador of Hungary and handed him a note, we condemned the statement. Our ambassador in Budapest requested to be received, and an explanation of the statement. No (territorial) pretensions can pass. I guess they use it for internal purposes. Croatian territory is unquestionable, Croatian citizens should (not) be concerned," said the minister, RTL reports.

In an interview regarding the European Union's sactions, which Hungary opposes, Orban said that those countries that have access to the sea and ports can bring in oil on tankers.

"If they hadn't taken our sea, we would have had a port as well," Orban said in the interview.


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