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"Spray paint war" in Belgrade: Exhibitions about the conflict in Ukraine and beauties of Russia defaced


The exhibitions are located next to each other

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Izložbe Kalemegdan izložba oskrnavljena izložba

Photo: Mateja Beljan

Two exhibitions featured on large billboards in Belgrade's Kalemegdan have been defaced. One is a Polish-Ukrainian exhibition dedicated to the war in Ukraine, and the other is Russian, dedicated to the nature and the people of Russia.

The first is called, "Mom, I don't want war" while and the second is displayed under the title, "Russia, the most beautiful country."

Images featured in both have now been spray painted with various messages. A place that should be dedicated to peace and reflection has become the scene of "a war of slogans."

"I want peace! I want my countrymen to laugh like before. I dream of a safe sky and a bright warm sun above my head! I want to go to school! I want to bring joy and happiness to others by playing the violin! Ilaria, 7 years old, Zaporozhye."

This anti-war message of a child was scratched and defaced with the message, "Glory to Russia," written in bright red across the entire billboard.

On the other hand, in another exhibition, the inscription "Russia, the most beautiful country" is painted over with brown spray paint. Only, this is not a political message but the name of a photo contest organized by the Russian Geographical Society.

The description of the exhibition is crossed out, as is the Russian flag.

The third incident saw a quote from Saint Nikolay (Nikolaj), a late Serbian Orthodox bishop, crossed out. The quote begins with, "Our debt of gratitude to Russia is huge." The image of an icon was crossed out as well, a "sad/angry emoticon" drawn across instead.

But then in response, someone also added the letter "Z," in red.

The photos themselves, fortunately, have not been defaced.

On the other hand, many (Ukranian) children's drawings in the anti-war exhibition are now crossed over with the letter "Z" and various inscriptions.

"Show the drawings of Serbian children who died from NATO bombing of the SRJ (Serbia and Montenegro) in 1999," is written over one anti-war poster that was signed by the Polish Foreign Ministry, with another message scribbled in English pointing at that source, reading, "Shame on you."

Video: Exhibition, Greetings from Ukraine


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