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Police lined them up, with their backs turned, hands up: 600 migrants detained at Horgos taken to the south

The operation is also taking place in Belgrade, where the police are removing migrants from the streets

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Members of the Ministry of the Interior (MUP), operative strike groups from Kikinda and Subotica, as well as officers from these police departments, together with the Gendarmerie on Friday detained 600 migrants in an illegal camp near Horgos, close to Serbia's border with Hungary.

Weapons were also confiscated, and buses were ready to transport the detained migrants to refugee centers in the south of Serbia.

Several persons suspected of participating in a shooting clash last night have been arrested, and in addition to weapons, a KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") hat was also found.

The operation is taking place in Belgrade as well. The police are removing migrants from the capital's streets and squares.

Security services immediately started a detailed search of the area after reports of a gunfight last night, and found six migrants at the scene, including one about 20 years old who got shot in the chest twice.

Minister of Internal Affairs Bratislav Gasic was also on the ground in the area of Subotica today, in order to provide support to members of the MUP who are dealing with irregular migrants and criminal groups of people smugglers every day.

Bratislav Gašić

Photo: MUP, Bratislav Gasic

Also, Minister Gasic was at the scene to support the citizens of Serbia's northern town of Subotica, Horgos and the surrounding areas, in order to assure them that the police are always there to protect them and their property.

"We have zero tolerance towards anyone who abuses our hospitality. The lives and property of Serbian citizens will be protected," Gasic said.


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