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Former Serbia national football team head coach's son arrested in Amsterdam for smuggling 115 kilos of cocaine

Dusan Petkovic, a former footballer and the son of late footballer and coach Ilija Petkovic, was arrested in Amsterdam as a member of the organized criminal group Vracarci over the smuggling of 115 kilograms of cocaine

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Ilija Petković

Ilija Petkovic; Photo: MN Press

Dusan Petkovic, the son of the late footballer and coach Ilija Petkovic, was arrested in Amsterdam as a member of the organized criminal group known as Vracarci (named after Belgrade's municipality of Vracar) over the smuggling of 115 kilograms of cocaine, it was confirmed for Telegraf on Tuesday evening.

Apart from him, as we have already reported, Damjan Roganovic was also detained.

This was a large-scale international arrest operation carried out by the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime of Serbia, the Serbian BIA and the Ministry of Interior, the competent public prosecutor's offices of Belgium and the Netherlands, Europol and Eurojust.

Dušan Petković

Dusan Petkovic; Photo: MN Press

A total of eight people were arrested and a total of 115 kilograms of cocaine was seized.

Eight persons were detained in the operation led by the Serbian Prosecutor's Office, while the search for the remaining members of the organized criminal group is being conducted, according to a statement.

Those arrested are suspected of criminal offenses of conspiracy to commit criminal acts and unauthorized production and distribution of narcotic drugs, said to the prosecution.

It is suspected that members of this criminal group organized the transport of a large amount of cocaine from South America to the port of Rotterdam and the further transport of this narcotic drug to the Belgian city of Arlon, where in a joint action of competent state authorities of Serbia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, a total of 115 kilograms of that drug was seized.

This organized criminal group, consisting of "Vracarci" N.V,  D.R. - a member of the so-called (Montenegrin) Kavac Clan, V.V, S.K, S.DJ, F.L.A, L.K, K.R, I.G, J.V. and DJ.S.D, was using a registered company that traded in concrete slabs, first buying them from a company in Luxembourg, and then replacing those slabs with the ones made in a hangar in Arlon, that contained hidden packages of cocaine.

During the police operation in Belgium, a total of 22 concrete slabs were found, each containing three packages with 1.12 kilos of cocaine.

Video: Special forces operation like in a movie: This was the arrest of the members of a clan from Vracar


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