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Movie-like arrest in Belgrade: A wanted thief ran over people with his car, then collided with the police


He has been detained by the police for up to 48 hours for causing general danger

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Ubistvo, kafe Ritual, Luka Žižić Nehruova 51, Novi Beograd

Photo: Mateja Beljan

The Belgrade police arrested Admu R. (25) on suspicion that he and three other young men tried to rob a store in New Belgrade, and when the workers tried to stop them, he attacked them with a car, Telegraf.rs has learned.

Telegraf has also come into possession of a horrific video showing the incident. One of the victims was an elderly lady.

He has been detained by the police for up to 48 hours for causing general danger.

Admu was arrested in just a few minutes thanks to the quick reaction of the police. After his arrest, it was revealed that as many as three warrants and nine searches had previously been issued for him.

Unofficially, the suspect now in custody even tried to use his car to charge at the police.

"Yesterday, four young men entered a store in Jurija Gagarina Street and tried to rob it. However, this was prevented by the foreman together with the workers. The thieves got into a vehicle and while escaping lightly injured the employees of the store and passers-by," says our source close to the case.

The investigation is ongoing.


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