Horrific injuries VMA surgeon inflicted on his wife: "Her legs were covered in hematomas and bruises"

According to the details from the criminal complaint, he beat and abused his wife I.O. (42) for 27 days

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Hirurg, N.O. Photo: Instagram

A well known plastic surgeon from the Military Medical Academy (VMA) in Belgrade, N.O. (48), was today brought to the Third Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade to present his defense in a case where he stands accused of committing domestic violence.

According to the details from the criminal complaint, he beat and abused his wife I.O. (42) for 27 days. The evidence of this are the woman's broken ribs, a broken upper arm, hematomas and bruises on her body and legs.

"Neighbors called the police because of the noise coming from the couple's house. I.O. opened the door and said that there was 'a verbal argument between her and her husband'. She claimed that he did not beat her, but there were bruises on her face. The police called emergency service doctors. The unfortunate woman was diagnosed with serious injuries at the hospital in Zemun.

She has fractured ribs, a broken upper arm and numerous bruises. The doctors were horrified when they saw I.O.'s legs which were covered in hematomas. The only thing they could conclude was that they were witnesses to the abuse and torture that the woman suffered for days. During the investigation, the victim of domestic violence revealed the motive of the abuse she suffered and kept quiet about," says our source close to the investigation.

I.O. was released for home treatment after receiving medical help.

The police confiscated two pistols from N.O.

The Center for Social Welfare in Zemun has been informed about this case of domestic violence.

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