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Historic feat by VMA doctors: They successful sew man' hand back on, firefighters recovered it as crash scene

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In such situations, it is important to do limb replantation as soon as possible

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Photo: pixabay.com

Thanks to experts from the Military Medical Academy (VMA) in Belgrade, a man (40) who lost his left hand in a traffic accident has had it successfully replanted and will be able to use it in the future, reports Blic.

The operation lasted seven hours, and the microsurgical team of the Military Medical Academy quickly organized itself in order to succeed at this feat and "stitched" the hand banck on.

Colonel Professor Dr. Boban Djordjevic, a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the VMA, with his team managed to perform this difficult and demanding operation that will allow the injured man to use his hand again.

"The patient's left hand was completely severed in a traffic accident, which the firemen found and fortunately expertly preserved to send to the hospital along with him. From Kragujevac, he was transprted to Belgrade, first to the University Clinic of Serbia and then to the VMA. The doctors who examined the patient in other health institutions thought that the hand could not be replanted, but we started the operation at around 11 pm and did it successfully. The microsurgical team that I led was ready, we entered the OR and managed to connect the hand, replant it and for now everything is well," says Dr. Djordjevic.

In addition to plastic surgers, vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, as well as the entire team of instrument technicians participated in the multi-hour surgery.

A small number of medical institutions in the region can perform such an operations

As the professor further explains, in such situations it is important to do replantation as soon as possible.

"Six hours after the amputation is ideal, because the amputated part of the body is transported in ice. It is always better to have a body part replanted than to put on a prosthesis, especially when it comes to the hand. We really tried to reconstruct all the possible structures of the hand so that he can use it and make it functional again. Now it is too early to give detailed forecasts when he will be able to use it because we cannot solve it with just one operation. We are dealing with injuries to various structures, nerves, bone structures, tendons... But we took care of everything possible at that moment so that the amputated part survived. A small number of health institutions in the region can handle such a complex injury, but in my opinion, the VMA is the top of the pyramid of the health system of Serbia and the Ministry of Defense," says Professor Djordjevic.

The team that successfully performed the operation consisted of Professor Dr. Boban Djordjevic, plastic surgeon, assistant Dr. Ivan Lekovic, vascular surgeon, assistant Dr. Jasmina Ivic, plastic surgeon, assistant Dr. Milica Rajovic, plastic surgeon, captain Dr. Ilija Rancic, doctor on specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dimitrije Mitic, doctor on specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Ivan Jovanovic, an anesthesiologist, Dr. Stevan Orovic, a doctor specializing in anesthesiology, as well as a team of instrument technicians and anesthesiologists.

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