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€4,900 Louis Vuitton jacket seized at border: People laughing and saying, "to prison with him - for bad taste"

Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

It's not up to me, and if I it was, owning a jacket like this should be enough reason to put someone in prison for life - that's just one of the many comments made jokingly about a Louis Vuitton jacket seized by Serbian Customs, and its owner

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Photo: Carina Info

Social networks are "on fire" after a photo of a luxurious men's Louis Vuitton jacket, which was confiscated at the border crossing Horgos, appeared online.

Namely, on Saturday, a Mercedes Benz G400D SUV, worth 169,000 euros, arrived at the border crossing between Hungary and Serbia, traveling from Sweden, but the driver did not have adequate documentation for the vehicle.

Then, customs officers took a closer look and found a very expensive jacket in the trunk, an item that was also seized from the driver, even though he had a receipt proving he paid 4,900 euros for it. The problem is that the driver, although he was under obligation to do it, did not report the valuables he was carrying with him, and thus committed a misdemeanor.

And while waiting to hear whether he will be fined or if his property will be permanently confiscated, a photo of the jacket is circulating on social networks, and the comments users are leaving are hilarious.

"He didn't declare a car at the border crossing??? A car, and a jacket worth 4,900 euros taken away! I don't understand anything! And for the jacket, he should be fined because of bad taste," wrote one user.

Another immediately followed up: "It's not up to me, and if I it was, owning a jacket like this should be enough reason to put someone in prison for life."

"As if it was made from Chinese oilcloth"; "The ruling reads - (sentenced) for disrespecting aesthetics"; "He forgot the bill for the car, but not for the jacket."

"Not necessarily life imprisonment, but at least five years, if he intended to wear this jacket," others continued.

More Twitter users also believe that the driver should be "imprisoned for bad taste."

What do you think about this jacket? Tell us in the comments.


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