Uros looks like an ordinary young man, but he survived 50 surgeries, 5 sepsis, 2 wounds, he burned to the bone when he was electrocuted by 25.000 volts (PHOTO)

A worker died when a wall collapsed near the former American embassy: Photos from the construction site in Kneza Milosa street

Pavle prevented a major tragedy in Belgrade: A coach of little basketball players pressed the break with his hand while the bus driver was dying

Bobana watcher her parents die, she tried to commit suicide and she lost both hands: Now, she has a store, she is happily married and she has a child (PHOTO)

The video from Indjija will make your blood freeze: Both drivers rushed into the intersection, there was a terrible sound, and then both cars fell apart (VIDEO)

A young Serb went to Texas to work and live the American dream... and he died there: The family is gathering money to return his body home

An airplane of Serbian Military crashed near Kovacica: The pilot has died! (PHOTO)

Marko (15) from Leposavic lost his entire family four years ago: He is going to the parents' house every day, but there are no more tears (PHOTO)

He remained disabled after an accident but, he continued to live: This brave young man from Macedonia is still jumping from planes, he skis and swims. Nothing is impossible for him (PHOTO)

TERRIBLE TRAGEDY! One of the most beautiful Serbian champions has died! And the most famous bodybuilder in the country has lost her life in a severe accident! (PHOTO)

Bosnian (26) died in the accident at Gracanica... he was supposed to get married: The tragedy happened one hour after his graduation! (PHOTO)

FATAL ROCK IN DEMIR KAPIJA GORGE: Czech alpinist enjoyed mountain climbing, but one wrong step was his doom (PHOTO)

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