EXCLUSIVE! Watch how Divac fired from a shotgun for Christmas: A Serb from the USA described for Telegraf how he convinced the legend to take a shot! (VIDEO)

Every year, thunderstorm from Jackson travels around the world

There was shooting for Christmas in Sacramento and in Jackson, well known for its first Serbian Orthodox church in the US. As it was expected, there was Vlade Divac in the center of attention, who made the celebration in Jackson special. It is a little place which is mostly inhabited with the descendants of the first Serbian immigrants who came to the American continent.

Divac escaped shootout in Jackson: Serbs in California celebrated Christmas with shooting (PHOTO)

There was a roar of shooting in Jackson and the weapons were loaded with blanks, of course, and everything happened with the police permit. There were no accidents for decades.

Moreover, everybody Jackson is looking forward to the moment when Serbs will mark Christmas in this way, and organizers of the celebration in America spoke to Telegraf about it.

Marcus Glavenich, Mitch Glavenich, Eli Bradarich, Beau Gillman

Eli Bradarich is one of the lads who are in the first rows when Serbian celebrations are organized and Beau Gillman. No one would suspect that he has origins from Nevesinje if we look at his name. However, Bou knows very well who are his ancestors.

- Sava Vukovic and Bosiljka Pavlovic came from Nevisinje to Jackson in 1898. Many Serbs came here during the Gold Rush, and our city was built by Serbs, and everybody in this area like our people very much - said Beau for Telegraf.

Church of St. Sava in Jackson for Christmas Photo: Private archive Eli Bradarich

- Jackson reminded our ancestor of their villages and old estates, hills are everywhere, houses are "scattered", just like in old villages. Serbs have been shooting for Christmas in Jackson for more than 100 years, we brought the tradition from the period while we were under the Ottoman Empire. The Serbs were persecuted for Christian holidays, and they shot for Christmas to remind Turks that they will celebrate in any case. That tradition was brought here and the community still likes it. 

One childhood memory is specially engraved in this lad's memory.

- I remember I used to ride with my grandpa Nedja Vukotic for three and a half days, in order to celebrate Christmas. He would lead the caravan of Serbs through the city, and when he passed away, I took care to keep the tradition alive. Not everybody agrees with it, but that's how we did it in Jackson and we will continue until I die. 

They are going to the church after the shooting and then go to several houses with roasted pork.

Photo: Beau Gillman

- The last one that we visit belongs to the family Vukajlovic, and at the end of the night, we have fireworks and tug of war, Serbs against Americans. Serbs never lost - Beau said through laughter.

This time, Serbs in Jackson were especially amazed by Vlade Divac. Also, the population of Serbian descendants uses every opportunity to support the Sacramento Kings.

- We are the fans of Kings, Vlade and Pedja are running the club, Bogi and Bjelica are playing, and we are going whenever we have the chance, Sacramento is one hour away. Also, we have a children's camp in Jackson, it is named after Saint Sava, Vlade used to bring children here and he spent a lot of time in Jackson in general when he was a player. When I met him, I said: Vlade, I have an empty seat and a shotgun for you. 

He said: I accept the offer! 

You can see in the video how it all looked like:

Telegraf is preparing another story from Sacramento - until then, rewatch some of the previous footages from the American city where the first thing that comes to your mind are the Serbs when you mention the name Jackson.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / B. Vinulovic)

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