They taught me to hate the Serbs, "they are anti-cross" and I loved them even more: The emotive letter of the Croat, who did not celebrate the "Storm", arrived at the right time

- You have to hate Serbs more than Muslims. Because Muslims are no-cross, and Serbs are anti-cross. That is how my neighbor taught me, a wife of a former Ustasha - Goran said said

Croatia is celebrating 23 years since the military action "Storm", and on that occasion, Catholic theologian and historian from Rijeka, Goran Saric, published a status on Facebook on Saturday. The post received more than 3.000 likes and more than 300 comments with over 1000 shares. Many were amazed by his courage to, as they said, to speak the truth.

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We are reporting this entire post with the remark that this is a perfect post with the ideal timing for something like this. To calm down the situation. 


"You have to hate Serbs more than Muslims. Because Muslims are no-cross, and Serbs are anti-cross." That is how my neighbor taught me, a wife of a former Ustasha, who later cooperated with State Security Administration, and he was a member of Croatian Democratic Union since 1990 (which is a logical path in life). And I did the opposite, I loved Muslims (Bosniaks), and I loved Serbs even more. And I recall well, although I was a child, of the times when Serbs became "anti-cross". Croats cried that all of the money is going to the Serbs, although Serbian villages in Krajina had no water or sewage at the start of 21st century (some villages still don't have it), and even though not a single Serb was in the leading position in Croatia, or Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1991 (Broz was perhaps from Zagorje, but he was not a Serb, for those who don't know that).

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There is no society, no tribe in the deepest part of the rainforest, that doesn't have a concept of a victim. Human society was founded on a sacrifice. To become stable, the community has to find someone to blame for their problems, the hatred has to be homogenized. The one to blame becomes a victim, and in order to become a victim, you have to make a Satan out of it and to dehumanize it.

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The role of the sacrificial lamb went poor people in Krajina during the nineties in Croatia and in general to the Croatian Serbs, who were normal and hardworking members of the society, who built Croatia and raised it just as the same as their fellow citizens of the Croatian nationality. And that intolerance toward Serbs is still felt to this day (since there aren't many Serbs now, the enemies are non-existent "Yugoslavs", "Orjunasi", etc.)

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What is precisely the occasion for celebration of the "Storm"? The expulsion of 200.000 from their homes? Burning of their homes, ravaging the villages? In the areas where Croatia was still demographically recovering, in the area where emigration is greater than ever before, it is completely empty. And if you are celebrating the celebration of 200.000 Serbs, why don't you start celebrating the emigration of 400.000 Croats in the past 4 years? They were driven away by similar politics.

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And if they are celebrating that Serbian villages in Krajina were deserted, why don't they celebrate the empty Croatian villages around Slavonija? If they are in the business of stealing Serbian homes, why don't they celebrate the houses that Banks took away from Croats?

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It is obvious that so-called, political elites, that stand like starlets on the Knin fortress each year, can't offer anything else to the people about Serbophobia, not even today, 23 years since Serbs have left. And now I see how people warmly welcome 30-year-old f-16 planes and now I realize that they don't deserve better politicians. In the state where everything is falling apart, they are buying planes that will enter regular military use, and they are over 35 years old. Croatia is like a girl who doesn't have teeth, and she gave the last penny to get silicone implants. A long time ago, the bard of Croatian journalism, Igor Mancic, concluded that Croatia is a failed project. Perhaps the most intelligent living Croatian scientist, physicist from Rudjer mountain, Elvis Popovic once wrote:

- They told me that I never wanted the Croatian state. I was right. 

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The problem with Serbophobia is that not everybody can live from it, but only the elite in power. 33 years ago, during Yugoslavia, Croatia was more developed than 13 current members of the EU, during the World Championship in Russia, it was passed by Bulgaria and now we are officially the last. But, when the foreigners buy the last hotel on the Adriatic, and when the last shipyard is closed, or when the last village in Slavonia dies, and when the last young man sits on a bus and goes to Ireland, (and that day is not so far away), you will realize that Serbophobia is not something you put on bread or you pour into your tractor. Until then, happy celebration of the Storm!

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