Jobs for one thousand Nis residents: Chinese to build an automotive lighting factory

Former factory becomes construction site: Residential-business complex and hotel in blocks 64 and 65

We reveal Serbia's earthquake-prone areas - do earthquakes threaten us after catastrophe in Albania

"No one saw what exactly happened, we just found a girl unconscious": A worker fell from a building on a terrace, and then on a child in Kosovska Mitrovica

Serbian "stone village", which amazes the world architects, will not deteriorate: The soldiers treated their souls here, and now it is proclaimed a cultural heritage (PHOTO)

Safe step into the abyss? New "Genoa" danger from the bridge Ujin Potok near Bar. The view of the construction causes chills (PHOTO)

"Walls are collapsing, the floor is opening, we are waiting for the roof to fall down": Terrified people of Novi Sad ended up in the streets, and this is their cry (PHOTO)

Montenegrins fear that they could experience the same tragic fate of Genoa: Take a look at the terrible sight of the cracked busy bridge (PHOTO)

The mysterious disappearance of Serbs in the Golden Gulf, everybody is quiet about that: Russian mafia cemented Serbian workers in the foundation of the hotel?! (PHOTO)

A hotel is emerging in Belgrade, one of a kind in Serbia: The view from 160 meters will spread all over the city, and just wait to see the rooms (PHOTO)

Is America building a 1 billion euros power plant on Kosovo?

What hides behind the walls of MONTENEGRO PENTAGON? Home of the Skaljar clan at Kotor and police stormed in it

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