Teme: Expensive

Daniel went to Switzerland to make money: He was helped by a Serb and an Albanian is his best colleague. This is his confession (PHOTO)

Lazar's average grade was 9.55, and he wasn't able to complete Medical Faculty because of the money: Completely unknown person did something unreal (PHOTO)

Daddy's son crashed "Ronaldo's Ferarri" worth 170.000 euro near Belgrade, it was the most expensive used car in Serbia (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Stefan (20) has been fighting for his life for 2 years: He has leukemia and he is in great pain, he needs our help to defeat this dangerous sickness (PHOTO)

They are the rich kids of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are proudly showing it: Luscious cleavages, expensive cars and reckless behavior (PHOTO)

The easiest job in Serbia, make 6.000 euros is 5 minutes: This is a list of all sites where you can find truffles (VIDEO)

Real truth about the prices of food in Serbia and Europe: What is more expensive, and what is cheaper?

It is difficult for the Croats to say thank you, their beaches are painful, and they lie: What are the tourists from all over the world complaining about on the Adriatic coast

Croats are robbing the tourists blind on every step: You won't believe what they started charging for (PHOTO)

Ana from Russia is disappointed with Croatian coast, and she is not the only one: Everything is nice on the photos, but in reality...

You return to your home country and you regret the same moment: Famous Croatian chef had an unpleasant surprise when he came home for vacation (PHOTO)

Wonderful plant overtakes Balkans: It grows in the garden, cures almost all tumors and kills cells, and brings tens of thousands of euros!

This is the first car that came to Serbia: People thought that they are dealing with the DEVIL!

Man from Belgrade earned Serbian ANNUAL SALARY in Alaska in 55 days: I worked for 16 hours, eat, sleep and repeat all over again

ZOKA IS PURSUING HER 10 YEAR OLD DREAM: She suffers from a rare condition, but the way she asks for help is for admiration (VIDEO)

THIS WAS THE CAPITAL OF PROSTITUTION IN YUGOSLAVIA: Pimp Zlatko discovered the secret of the city rarely anyone talked about

Price rise from 1st January: You have a month and a half to live like you do now

What is life REALLY like in cities in Serbia and which one is THE MOST EXPENSIVE and which one is THE CHEAPEST to live it: You will be surprised!

I came to Belgrade to university, and i got myself into elite prostitution and I LIKED IT!

Russian woman gave 80.000 EUROS to stay in the MOST ELITE part of Montenegro!

SHE FOUND HAPPINESS ON THE OTHER PART OF THE GLOBE: She completed her studies and was sent to the Bureau, but then she reached Florida!

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? Can petrol in Serbia become CHEAPER because of the OIL PRICE DROP in the world market? (INFOGRAPHIC)

10.000 GUESTS WITHOUT WATER IN BUDVA: Regional water system malfunctioning, TOURISTS ARE DESPERATE!

Here's what you are being charged for in Montenegro, which you DON'T PAY FOR anywhere else in the world!

JOVAN THE GENIUS (16) HAS 16 DIPLOMAS IQ 150 AND EMPTY STOMACH: "If I had food, I would not waste it away"! (PHOTO)

MOST EXPENSIVE OIL IN THE WORLD IS MADE IN THE BALKANS: A liter costs 1,500 euros, everyone is planting this plant! (PHOTO)

THE PRICEY ONES ARE SOLD LIKE HOTCAKES: 216.000 euros Mercedes S Coupe sold at the Belgrade Car Show! (PHOTO)