THIS WAS THE CAPITAL OF PROSTITUTION IN YUGOSLAVIA: Pimp Zlatko discovered the secret of the city rarely anyone talked about

- This is where i started. Five to ten thousands per job. Then police caught me. I got a month in jail. After that i continued - said one prostitute

Every 29. November, which was celebrated in the time of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as the most important holiday - The day of the Republic, is the time when many Yugo-nostalgic texts appear about Yugoslav People's Army and pioneers, but this time, we share interesting coverage from 1971 about prostitution in Zagreb!

CONFESSION OF BELGRADE PROSTITUTE: Boyfriend got me into it, my parents denounced me, I'VE HIT ROCK BOTTOM!

At the time "Marry world" was published in Novi Sad, a reporter of this "illustrated magazine of erotic and literary character", went to Zagreb, which was the center of prostitution in former Yugoslavia, and rarely anyone knew that.

"It's a public secret that Zagreb is one of the cities with the greatest number of prostitutes in Yugoslavia. We heard something more about the organization of Zagreb prostitution, about categories of prostitutes and prices for "services" from twenty year old Zlatko L, one of the Zagreb's pimps.

Zlatko greeted us outside "Dubrovnik" on the Republic Square. He had tight pants with wide cuffs, a dark blue jacket and a custom made coat, obviously from some imported, probably Italian cloth. When he saw us he smiled and extended his hand.

- Boys, you are here! Let me take you through Zagreb a bit and i will tell you what you want to know on the way. Where do you want me to take you first? 

- Maybe Esplanada? 

He waved his hand contemptuously.

Esplanada?! I wouldn't advice that. Much money, low fun. When there are a lot of guests, the prices are sometimes up to 20 thousands or 30 thousands liras, two hundred, even two fifty franc! In dinars that is around 70-80 thousands. But during fair days, nothing can be done with dinars. Only with convertible currency.

And in Ritz? 

Again waving his hand.

- Ritz is almost the same as Esplanada. Prices are slightly lower. Material is good, i don't say it isn't, but you have to have money. Without few ceners (10 thousands) you should not even enter. 

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia

Why are the prostitutes in expensive hotels that expensive? 

Zlatko laughed derisively and looked at us. He took a Kent out of the gold plated cigarette case and lit it with Ronson lighter.

Do you really don't know why? Competition. Not really the competition between prostitutes, but competition between pimps. Besides that, to "work" in exclusive hotels, it is necessary to prepare the field. You should be good with waiters, reception officials and with other staff. Of course, it costs. Besides that, pimp takes a massive part for protection. Prostitute is left at the end with the lowest amount, even though she gives the most. If you want, we can go to Esplanada and you can talk to some of them. 

In front of Esplanada crowded, like any other night. Zlatko comes inside and soon returns with a girl in a mini-mini skirt. Pretty, tall, brunette with lacquered hair. Zlatko brings her to the car where we are waiting for her. It is Zlatko's "Zastava 1300".

How did you start lady? 

She nervously lit a cigarette, and then she turned to us on the back seat.

First of all, don't call me "lady". No one called me "lady" for two years, since i came here from Sarajevo. I finished my apprenticeship there but i did not want to work for 70 000 old dinars. I came to Zagreb. 

She looked through the glass in front of Esplanada.

- This is where i started. Five to ten thousands per job. Then police caught me. I got a month in jail. After that i continued. When the cops got me for the second time, i got 10 days, and then they entered me in the register and told me i have to go to the doctor twice a week for examination, because of the danger of infections. There i met Frankec. He knew half of Zagreb. He became my friend. I would give him almost all the money i got, in return, he "protected" me and found me better customers occasionally, the ones with thicker wallets, mostly from abroad. When i got in fight with Frankec, Zlatko took me in. The rest you already know. 



She put out the cigarette in the ashtray, opened the door and went out. She turned once again before she mingled with the crowd in front of Esplanada.

I am going, now is the best time! Ciao!

Zlatko turned on the engine. We moved on.

There are most like this, similar to her. Only, its a difficult job, boys, i tell you because i know. When there are no customers there is nothing to eat. Then they go with the first one that meet on the street for 1000 dinars, or even 500 old dinars, or for a dinner. Most of these girls don't have any education, then the workers come, qualified and unskilled ones, then house keepers, high school students and students, mostly the ones that came from the inside of the country. They start when they are out of money, thinking "it will only be for one time, or twice", most of them never stop. That's right boys, i tell you. 

Are Zagreb's prostitutes different by some categories? 

Zlatko nodded affirmatively.

Oh yes, of course  they are different. There are several kinds, depending from the place where they "originate", psychical appearance and what they have to offer - only themselves or "love" in the apartment, car, street, park or some gate. Those are the lowest. 

- And which ones are the highest? 

Zlatko smugly laughed.

It is an old rule that the best prostitutes are the ones police doesn't know about. Guest doesn't want any embarrassment. And precisely those girls are under my protection. 

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Sciencephoto RM

Foto-ilustracija: Profimedia/Sciencephoto RM

He took out his pocket a bundle of photos and gave them to us.

Take a look at this. They are all young, beautiful, hot girls. Mostly highly educated or at least with some high school. Most of them are married women. Maybe among them you will recognize some women from some celebrities - football players, directors, actors... 

- How did you meet them?

I could say: professional secret - but i wont. Their husbands are often absent, mostly going abroad. They are alone, and they are still young, and... have desires, if you know what i mean. I approach to them at some moment and usually everything goes well. First i make them my lovers and later.... Only i have their phone numbers, and only i make their appointments and arrange work. Simply, i guaranty discretion, absolute discretion, and i take certain provision. 

- What are other categories of love sellers in Zagreb?

- These were the ones outside any category. But, first category are so called bar ladies and animir ladies - bar beauties, third grade singers, dancers and strippers - they are all very hot, and besides, they know their job well. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: Yugopapir)

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