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You return to your home country and you regret the same moment: Famous Croatian chef had an unpleasant surprise when he came home for vacation (PHOTO)

Dinner on Rab costs like average wage in Serbia...

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Chef Nikola Lesarwinner of the culinary competition "MasterChef 2012", who lives and works on Thailand, came to Rab after two years and wished to eat something domestic, from the sea, but soon he regretted and complained about his experience on Facebook.

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Namely, 26 year old chef from Medjimurje, who moved to Thailand after the triumph in the TV show and opened his own restaurant there, was bothered with the high prices, unkindness of the staff, but also the "quality" of the prepared dishes. After paying 2.710 Kuna (44.000 dinars - around 365 euros) in the restaurant "Paradiso" for one night, he will eat bread and pate till the rest of the vacation, he writes. 

- One spoon of olive oil ten kunas! One kilo of sea bass 450. Shrimps, which were not grilled, but were raw, have the same price. Ice cold coffee, which was never ordered, 80. Grief and shame. And even the owner said that he doesn't give a f*** because i am not happy... This is possible only here. Good luck fiends, because i will eat only pate on bread till the end of vacation - wrote Lesar and concluded that he regretted coming back to his home country after two years spend in Asia.

Many took his side in the comments, but there were those who criticized him.

After Nikola's confession on Facebook, "Jutarnji.hr" portal contacted the owner of the restaurant "Paradiso". The story of Zlatko Makeka, man from Zagreb who has 40 years of experience in catering is significantly different from Lesar's.

- He called me and started complaining. He asked me how could i charge shrimps at the same price as grilled ones. He asked me to return 50 percent of the money, and he threatened that he will destroy my place. I can't understand why he didn't complain about the service while he was in the restaurant. I have to defend myself, and i don't even know why. Mr Lesar saw the prices before he ordered, its all transparent. By the way, he didn't come for kebabs and french fries. Or he perhaps expected that we will treat him because he is a TV star - said mister Makek.


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