UEFA has officially launched an investigation against Red Star due to suspicion of match-fixing with PSG!

Here they are! Red Star fans beat, and then made the PSG fans flee!

PSG officially addressed the Red Star fans who have tickets: There is a possibility that you won't be allowed on the stadium! (VIDEO)

The odds on Red Star against PSG are the greatest in the history of Champions league: These are the chances for Red-and-Whites to score a goal

Red Star's coat of arms is headed for the first place in the election for the most beautiful coat of arms in the world!

The schedule for Red Star matches in Champions League is known: The first match on Marakana, and then two as a guest!

Liters of beer, singing, the entire city covered in posters: Red Star fans occupied Salzburg, over 10.000 fans expected on the stadium! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Red Star was lucky in the draw - against Legia or Spartak for the playoffs!

All pairs for the Champions League are known, here's what Red Star can expect after Suduva!

Tottenham already asked for Erakovic: Red Star sees him as a new Vidic, they predict a transfer greater than Grujic's! (VIDEO)

He could do whatever he wanted with the ball, he scored a goal on eternal derby which is still replayed to this day, and then he left the football stage too soon: The day when Jovan Gojkovic lost his life (VIDEO)

Boakye is crying, Donald is kissing him: The most emotional moment of Red Star players after qualifying for the knockout phase

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