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Footage of Partizan supporters fighting with the police leaked: They charged with torches, just by the Red Star stadium, Marakana! (VIDEO)


It wasn't easy for police to secure the "eternal derby"

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There were some unpleasant scenes on the field of Marakana, and also around it, prior to 159th Derby.

Mass brawl in Tutin between eight drivers: He left the car in the middle of the street, charged and hit a man from the other car. The madness started (VIDEO)

Red Star and Partizan had played a draw match, 1:1, and there was a serious organization of the police before the match to place several fractions of Grobari (Partizan supporters) on different sectors around the stadium.

Several conflicts between the fans were recorded, one of them was filmed near Sumice, and it was especially "hot" in Boulevard of Liberation, on the corner of North and East side of the stadium "Rajko Mitic".

While one group of Grobari was passing there, there was a conflict with the police and torches were lit, and the reactions of the gendarmerie forced the members of black-and-whites to run towards the east of the stadium, where they were all placed in their own sector.

The torches were flying to the gendarmerie, but the reaction was quick... The tenants and the people who were in the surrounding objects, who dared not to step on the street, were able to see that.

VIDEO: Bata Mirkovic was furious on the field 


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