Here they are! Red Star fans beat, and then made the PSG fans flee!

We had a third halftime of the game in Paris

Upon the finish of the tormenting match for the fans of Red Star in Paris, where their team was demolished with 6:1, there has been a fight between two fan groups.

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Delije (Red Star supporters), after the end of the match, started searching for the main members of Ultras of PSG, which are currently leading the fans on the stands in Park of Princes.

Judging by the videos that appeared, Delije made the members of Auteuil flee, whose members are mostly Arabian.

Delije have certain connections and good relations with a part of PSG fans, Bullion Boys, who were shut down by French authorities, and with Karsud group, who frequently displayed Serbian flag on the games in the past.

Part of them was with Delije and they attacked the members of PSG, with whom they are in conflict over the right to rule over the stands.

It is said on fan forums that Delije beat the PSG fans in a fight at the Park of Princes.

It can be seen on a video that Delije are beating some fans of PSG, and then someone of the Red Star fans shouted "Here they are", after which they started chasing other PSG fans, who started fleeing.

Also, after the fight, it can be seen that a group of 200-300 Red Star supporters circles around the stadium with the shouts "Serbia, Serbia", and the description of the video states that they are chasing Arabs from PSG.

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