PSG officially addressed the Red Star fans who have tickets: There is a possibility that you won't be allowed on the stadium! (VIDEO)

The club from Paris fears so they sent another letter of precaution

Paris Saint-Germain is getting more and more seriously prepared for the match with the Red Star, but on the other hand, they want to make sure that everything goes well on the stands. 

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In the past two days, Le Parisien announced that around 2,000 Red Star fans are expected to buy available tickets, without any organization or planned grouping.

This is normal given the penalty issued to the Red Star, the Serbian Champion was prohibited from sharing and selling tickets, also, they were given a special sector where the fans will be placed, which is not enough to stop individual attempts to get to the tickets.

The fans couldn't be stopped to reach the tickets in Salzburg, and something similar was seen in Paris, where many found a way to reach to the tickets, and just before the match, the club contacted the sellers whose names were recognized as Serbian, with an email.

Foto: Telegraf

- Ladies and gentleman, you have bought a ticket for the match of the Champions League between PSG and Red Star on October 3 in Paris. UEFA declared this match to be of high risk and we have to appeal to all Red Star fans to avoid representing the club symbols in order to ensure the safety of all viewers. All employed in the safety sector will have the right to forbid the entrance to the viewers who are deemed to have ignored this recommendation - the letter sent to Telegraf by one of the fans.

Foto: PSŽ

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(Telegraf.co.uk / from Paris, B. Vinulovic)

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