Red Star's coat of arms is headed for the first place in the election for the most beautiful coat of arms in the world!

The coat of arms of Red and Whites was at the thirtieth place on Wednesday, and then the fans turned the scales with voting

Red Star football club has a chance to become even more famous for its coat of arms, which is in the selection for the most beautiful coat of arms in the world. Namely, the respectable Spanish portal Marca is organizing the contest for the most beautiful coat of arms. Their journalists composed a list of 50 club symbols, and it is up to readers to vote and to decide which one is the most beautiful.

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Red and Whites were on the thirtieth place in this list in front of Napoli, who were 34th, but now the coat of arms of Red Star is in the 16th place, it has passed over PSG and many other large clubs like Benfica, Porta, Chelsey, Arsenal, Milan etc. Red Star had 9.1 thousand votes.  

The first place is currently held by a club from Maroco, Raja Casablanca, with 85 thousand votes.

If you want to support Red Star you can do that HERE.

Foto: marca.com


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