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This is the soul of football that we should fight for! World media talking about Red Star's slap in Liverpool's face


It looks like that the "Starry" night over Marakana isn't over yet

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The world media are talking about the victory of Red Star against Liverpool, who watched the incredible undertaking of the Vladan Milojevic's team in disbelief.

SENSATION! Pavkov destroyed Liverpool, Red Star's best night after Bari! (VIDEO)

For example, ESPN presented the triumph of the Serbian Champion as the essence of sport, especially at the moment when the founding of the European Super League in 2021 is announced, where teams like Red Star won't have anything to do in the company of super-rich.

Foto: ESPN

- Red Star didn't achieve such a significant win since 1991 and the time for something like this couldn't be better. In the week when the giants announced that they plan on forming a new "Superleague", and the Serbian champion gave a demonstration of everything sport can't afford to lose - stated in the introduction of the ESPN article, with the message that it is worth fighting for the soul of football.

Foto: Miror

BBC pointed that Liverpool lost for the first time in history three times on away matches in Champions League, while Sun stated that the team will have a hell of a fight to go to the second phase of the competition.

Foto: Independent

On the other hand, Mirror is already dealing with predictions how can Liverpool continue, although they will have games with Napoli and PSG...

Foto: Lekip

Foto: Indeks

L'Équipe also acknowledged Red Star, also adding that everything changes in the group now, PSG will especially like it.










VIDEO - Red Star fans in delirium after the victory against Liverpool 

VIDEO - This is how Pavkov reacted when he heard the fans singing the song after Liverpool 


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