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Markovic condemns "uncivilizational attack" in Belgrade, "Serbian authority's astonishing attitude"

Montenegrin Prime Minister says that "an uncivilization attack on the Montenegrin embassy and Montenegrin flag" was carried out last night in Belgrade

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Prime Minister of Montenegro Dusko Markovic says that yet another uncivilizational attack on the Montenegrin embassy and the Montenegrin flag took place in Belgrade last night.

This concerns Red Star supporters protesting in front of the Montenegrin embassy in Belgrade, during which fireworks were fired at the Montenegrin flag displayed on the building.

The flag did not burn down, though it was hit multiple times. The Montenegrin embassy announced that it had replaced the flag whose parts had burned.

"The attitude of the Serbian authorities is astonishing. Montenegro is once again facing the challenge of defending independence and freedom. We will preserve our Montenegro in spite of the hatred from the same actors inside and outside its borders," Markovic wrote on Twitter.



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