Beautiful Mira, wife of the Swiss football player and her sexy sister sent a message for the game between Serbia and Switzerland! (VIDEO)

Mirjana Zuber and her sister Jelena Vasovic have no dilemmas who will be their favorite team in the match between Eagles and Switzerland

- We were born in Zurich, we have Serbian origins and we are cheering for both teams!

Mirjana Zuber (ex Vasovic) and her sister Jelena Vasovic, the former fitness champion of Serbia, will be on the stadium on Friday night in Kaliningrad on the match between Serbia and Switzerland

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They will have a special reason for that because of Mirjana's husband Steven Zuber is playing for Switzerland and the man who scored a goal to Brazilians in the first round. Also, since they both come from Serbia, Mirjana and Jelena will have a special reason to watch our national team.

That is why they sent a video and they said for what team will they cheer for, and they made it with their grandma. 

Jelena Vasovic was a 2013 Champion of Serbia in bikini fitness, and a vice-champion of Switzerland, and she participated as a representative of Serbia on European and World Championship in bodybuilding and fitness.

Watch some of her photos.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

Foto: Claudio Valenti / fotoset.ch

Take a look of some of the exclusive photos of Mirjana Zuber ex Vasovic from the period when she competed for the Miss of Switzerland.

Foto: Adrian Portman

Foto: Adrian Portman

Foto: Adrian Portman

Foto: Adrian Portman

VIDEO: The training of sisters Vasovic: 

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.S.)

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