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SCANDAL! Albanian eagle on Swiss television, the reporter greeted the viewers the same way like Xhaka and Shaqiri (VIDEO)


He completely missed the point with wrong interpretation of the situation

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The Swiss are not helping to settle the storm after the controversial celebration of their football players Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri

Beautiful Mira, wife of the Swiss football player and her sexy sister sent a message for the game between Serbia and Switzerland! (VIDEO)

Their homage to Albania by waving palms in the position of a two-headed eagle remains the number one issue in Serbia and Switzerland three days after the match and the shocking defeat of our national team.

Not everybody is fond of the provocation by their football players because they could be punished or suspended for the next game, and there are a lot of those who supported the hero of the victory against Serbia.

One of those is Swiss journalist from the "RTS Sport" station, who, as you can see, "greeted" the Swiss fans in the same way as Xhaka and Shaqiri.

Actually, his idea was to point at the injustice Shaqiri and Xhaka were exposed to because of their actions (FIFA started a procedure against the both of them), he supported them by inviting FIFA to sanction him for this gesture as well.

The reporter's name is Pierre Pouiller, and he showed the gesture in the show "Au Coeur du Mondial".

- Gentlemen from Fifa, if I do this gesture, and I just did, can I get some suspension and will you take away my accreditation? 

After that sentence, he gathered his palms and he showed an eagle like the football players of his country.

It can be said that this was really unprofessional and wrong interpretation of the situation by the Swiss colleague who forgot that many Serbian fans of the diaspora are watching him at that moment in Switzerland.

Pierre retweeted the post on his account and certain Julien Bangerter did a collage of celebrations by various football players with their hands like Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri. 

There are many players in the collage, Sergio Ramos, Hulk, Mustafi from Valencia, and they all celebrated in the same way, but everybody understands that their motives of joining the palms together have nothing to do with politics.

Connecting them with Shaqiri and Xhaka is a completely wrong interpretation of the situation.




VIDEO: Reactions to the provocations are not calming down: 


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