Exclusive! Dejan Savicevic about the match against Kosovo for the first time: This is the hardest situation, we have the Serbian, Montenegrin and Albanian side!

President of the Football Association of Montenegro commented on the Group A for qualifications for the European Championship 2020

Due to the fact that they were in the fourth hat for the European championship, Football national team of Montenegro was lucky in the draw, which was held on December 2, in Dublin. 

Jokic's craziest three points in his life were not valid, but the Serb brought the great victory for Denver with a triple-double (VIDEO)

However, the first thing that comes to mind is that Montenegro will have to play against so-called Kosovo. Looking from the sports side - a very decent opponent, however, that is the political side, which will be inevitably present, taking into consideration the situation on the Balkans.

The president of the Football Association of Montenegro Dejan Savicevic commented for Telegraf on the games with the mentioned opponent. It is interesting that this is the first "appearance" of Savicevic in the public ever since Montenegrins got their rivals.

- It will be hard for us, Association, to organize that game. The group is quite demanding from the administrative side. I think that our police showed that they can organize a large event in the game against Serbia, so I am counting that they will do this game against Kosovo properly. It is even harder than the one we had against Serbia because we will have three sides here: Serbian, Montenegrin and Albanian - Savicevic said.

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The first man of the Football Association of Montenegro also commented on the statement by President Football Association of Kosovo that his team is among the best two in the group. To recall, there are England, Chech, and Bulgaria in the group.

- That is his opinion. I personally think that it is a bit exaggerated statement, but they are now hyped after the victory in the League of nations. Those are all some kinds of foreplay. He probably wanted to motivate the players, but the question is, will that happen in the field. The time will tell.

Savicevic admitted that, during his talk with Telegraf, he didn't have any special desires during the draw.

- Our group could have been even harder, but it could have been easier. We could have more luck, like Croatia. That is why it was important to avoid the group C with Netherlands and Germany. Both are very strong, and that is somehow the "group of death". The Dutch have expensive young quality players who will show their power in a few years. I would be pleased with our group in general if Kosovo didn't come to our group from the fifth hat. Just because of the fact that I just mentioned - Savicevic is clear who looked at Serbian opponents:

Foto: Marko Jovanović

- Serbia got Portugal from the first hat, which is a solid team, but Serbia already showed that they can play with them. The fight for the spot that leads to the European Championship will be against Ukraine, while the rest two have nothing to do in the group. I think that Serbia has great chances of going to the EC - Dejan Savicevic concluded.

The legendary Genius admitted that he likes the idea of UEFA to introduce the third competition from 2021, comparing it to some of the previous competitions, like Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, and UEFA Intertoto Cup.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. M.)

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