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Milan is traditionally THE MAN! He gave away pig roast for Christmas in Nevesinje, and now he continued doing so in Foca

- Foca is the birthplace of my two sons that we got with great difficulty and my wish was to make it up to the people of Foca - Zurovac said

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Milan Zurovac (38) from Nevesinje gave away pig roast for people who are socially vulnerable in Nevesinje, and he also started the action this year in Foca, which was organized by Center for Social Welfare in this municipality. Zurovac roasted and delivered 25 Christmas roasts to Foca, according to mojahercegovina.com. 

The icon of the Holy mother of God cried before Christmas: Miracle in Macedonian monastery (PHOTO)

- Foca is the birthplace of my two sons that we got with great difficulty and my wish was to make it up to the people of Foca, to help the families that are vulnerable, to feel the spirit of Christmas, to know that they are not forgotten - Zurovac said.

Foto: radionevesinje.com

Foca Center for Social Welfare gave away Christmas roast for 73 families who receive social help. This public institution organized such an action for the first time, and the benefactors from Foca also gifted roast alongside Zurovac.


Zurovac invited all the people to spread the happiness with gifts.

- I am not rich to share, but I am rich in my heart to help everybody feel the spirit of Christmas - Milan said.

The family of Aleksandar Milutinovic (38) also got the roast for Christmas, and he has been disabled for 19 years, without the ability to speak.


The family lives from fathers pension and 160 marks of social help.

- I can't describe the feeling because we never experienced something like this in 19 years. We thank everybody - Aleksandar's mother Milanka said.

Foto: radionevesinje.com

The Center for Social Welfare provided 51 pig roasts, and larger ones were given in two pieces. 

- As they say, that is the first time in Foca, and we hope that the action will grow into tradition and that we will have a greater response next year - Snjezana Golijanin said, the head of Center for Social Welfare in Foca.

People will remember this event with the toast and the song with gusle.


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