A husband found out that his wife was cheating on him, so he called her lover: Bosnian woman was ruthlessly beaten by both of them!

Jasmina couldn't find work as a professor, so she rolled her sleeves and she started doing agriculture: The business is flourishing, and her products are without pesticides and poisons (PHOTO)

Monster from Pancevo murdered his wife on her birthday! Biljana gave birth 20 days ago, she was beautiful, and he was 20 years older than her (PHOTO)

He blackmailed the husband of his ex girlfriend with nude pictures: Break up revenge costed him dearly

Girl from Kragujevac slept with all men in the village: It is unreal what she takes for compensation instead of money!

She has been hiding for years that she doesn't have her periods: Confession of a Serbian girl with no uterus, she is one among 5.000 women

Grandma Stana (79) has been in prison for 6 years already: Husband harassed me for 45 years, and then i took an axe! (VIDEO)

THE HIT STORY FROM MATERNITY WARD IN BELGRADE: Doctors found a box of cookies with strange smell, when they opened it, they were sick!

HORROR IN BOSNIA: Girl married when she was 12, gave birth with 13, and her MOTHER CRYING WITH TEARS OF JOY

UNPRECEDENTED CRIME IN SERBIA: Husband slaughtered his wife and 4 month baby with a knife!

RESPECT YOUR HUSBAND, GIVE IT TO HIM EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO: These church testaments have risen the region on its feet

HE PASSED THE LIE DETECTOR: Husband of the killed singer is not a suspect

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