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Midwife Blazenka from Batajnica was killed with 2 blows to head: Cedomir murdered her in her sleep using an ax


The police found a bloodied ax and a large quantity of tranquilizers in the house

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Blazenka J. (39) from Batajnica was killed while she was asleep with one blow to the head and another to the neck inflicted with an ax, Telegraf.rs has learned.

She was murdered by her husband Cedomir J. (43), who after committing the crime went up to the second floor of the house and hanged himself there.

The police found a bloodied ax and a large quantity of tranquilizers in the house.

The neighbors have only words of praise for the couple from Batajnica. As they claim, they never heard them argue.

"I saw them on Friday, they were cleaning the house. They were gone all day on Saturday. Unfortunately, on Saturday night we saw the police and learned about the tragedy. They were alone in the house. The daughter (18) was on vacation, and the son was staying with a relative," said a neighbor.


As Telegraf.rs has learned, Blazenka told her husband a few days ago, after he returned from Germany where he workes, that she wanted to divorce him.

Apparently, the husband was against the woman's decision and decided to murder her in her sleep.

The police found the body of the woman, who worked as a midwife, in the bed in the bedroom. There were two wounds inflicted with an ax - one to her head and the other to the neck.

By order of the prosecutor, the bodies have been transported to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for post mortems.

The police found the dead bodies of Cedomir and Blazenka J. on Saturday around 11 pm.

Their close friend was suspicious that something was happening because they were not answering their phones. He called 192, and the inspectors had to break into the house because the door was locked.


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