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There are more and more divorces in Serbia each year, this is the main reason for failed marriages


The same reason applies to the West

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The number of divorced marriages in Serbia is growing year after year. Thus, in 2018 there were 9,995 divorces, which is 733 more than a year ago, and even 2,381 more than in 2014.

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The most divorced are those who already have children. Men usually decide to part at the age of 44, and women at the age of 41. If we take into consideration that Serbs marry at a later age, then it is more than clear that it doesn't take long from marriage to divorce. 


Year  Number of divorces

2010.  6.644 

2014.  7.614 

2016.  9.046 

2018.  9.995 

The stories about silver and golden wedding may sound like a myth for today's generations. Who truly believes that they will last with their current partners for the next 30 or 40 years? Rarely anyone.

Why is it easier for Serbs to give up their hands from marriage than 30 years ago? Psychotherapist Nebojsa Jovanovic says that the factors are many, but they are often reduced to the same thing that he calls "fast food" style of life.

- "Fast food" style of life exists in all spheres, so it is transferred to marriage. It comes down to looking for quick pleasures. As soon as something is not working, it changes immediately. People have no patience to dedicate, they don't even read books if they are thick, let alone workout their crisis in marriage. "Fast food" style creates expectations that life should be easy, that everything is changed with a click, so when the starting excitements passes and the marriage no longer works, a person gives up and goes forward - explains Jovanovic for Telegraf.rs.

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And since life isn't easy, the problems quickly come and they put the marriage to the test. Younger generations, adds our interlocutor, are used to look for blame in other people and to run away from taking responsibility.

- It is hard to find a job, small wages, frustrations, displeased with life... All of those are factors which bring crisis into marriage, and it is always someone else to blame, so we will shift the responsibility to our spouse. While living the "Fast Food" style, we no longer think about investing in something long term. That is why we no longer believe in monogamy. As soon as the passion is used up, we seek for new pleasures - Jovanovic concludes.

Of all European nations, only Albanians, Macedonians and Montenegrins have a lower divorce rate - less than 15 percent.

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