A husband found out that his wife was cheating on him, so he called her lover: Bosnian woman was ruthlessly beaten by both of them!

Two men were interrogated and they were suspected of committing a crime of violent behavior

The partner and the lover of A.P. (31) attacked her together and inflicted serious physical injuries, and this unusual event happened last night in Cazin, confirmed from the Ministry of Internal affairs.

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The police station received an anonymous report about the verbal fight which included the mentioned A.P., her partner A.B. (26), and S.P. (23) which whom the woman had an affair.

The incident happened when a husband discovered that his partner is having an affair, so he decided to call him and to sort things out. 

The meeting happened in front of the building where the couple lived, and after the verbal argument between the two men, they joined forces against A.P. inflicting multiple blows to the head.

Police patrol soon arrived at the scene, and the woman was taken to the Community Health center in Cazin where it was determined that she suffered minor physical injuries. Two men were interrogated and they were suspected of committing a crime of violent behavior.

A.P. already has two underage children with her partner, and she has been having an affair with the lover for one year.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Nezavisne.com)

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