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Ivana Trump landed in Belgrade: She is in our country for the first time, and this is where she went straight from the airport (VIDEO)


This is the first visit of Ivana Trump to Belgrade

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Ivana Trump (69), the first wife of the American president Donald Trump, landed today around 11:20 at the airport "Nikola Tesla in Belgrade".

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The former model from the Czech Republic came to our capital with the direct flight of "Air Serbia" from New York, and it was unofficially found out the reason for the visit is business.

She headed to Zagreb immediately upon landing, where she should spend two days, and then she will return to Belgrade. She is going to be one of the judges on the competition of "Miss Universe" which will be held in the capital of Croatia on Saturday. 

"Miss Universe" is a Beauty selection with the 66-year long tradition, whose owner was Donald Trump, who sold it shortly after his candidacy to the WME/IMG agency, the global leader in the world of entertainment, sports, events, media, and fashion.

According to the information we managed to get, Trump's ex-wife will stay in the newly opened "Hilton" hotel on Slavija.

This is the first time Ivana Trump has visited Belgrade and Zagreb, and it should last five days.

Foto: Profimedia/Landmark

Ivana Trump, born Ivana Mari Zelnikkova, was born in Czechoslovakia under communist rule. In her childhood, she was engaged in skiing and studying at the University of Prague for some time.

In 1971 she married a real estate agent, Alfred Winklmayr, and in 1973 she immigrated to Canada. She has divorced her first husband in 1976, and after meeting Trampa in New York, she married him in 1977.

The Trump couple quickly became one of the best known in New York high society, and Donald also gave Ivana an important role in the development of his business imperia, and she was proclaimed a "Hotelier of the year" in 1990 in the USA.

Foto: Guliver/Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

She gave birth to three children - Donald Junior (1977), Ivanka (1981) and Erika (1983). When it was discovered that Donald is having an affair with the Marla Maples, she started a spectacular divorce lawsuit that ended in a Court settlement in 1992.

After that, Ivana Trump remained in a good relationship with her ex-husband, and she publicly supported her candidacy for the American president in 2016.

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    Kakva bre Ivana. Dajte Melaniju.


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