Nikolic family procured a girl in a house near Belgrade: Purple walls full with altarpieces, stuffed teddy bears on the beds (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The arrested family forced the miserable teenage girl to prostitution for seven months

Nikolic family from Mirijevo procured a girl (19) in specially designed rooms of a house for those things - dimmed lights, marble, flower curtains, big beds and dozens of bottles of alcohol. 

Confession of a raped girl (14): He created a trap with sheep, he ambushed me from behind, took off my clothes and dropped me on the ground (PHOTO)

People from Belgrade Jasmina Nikolic (44), and her husband Goran (50), daughter Kristina (24), son Miroljub (19), and their driver Demiri Bajram (46) were arrested for suspicion that they were involved in human trafficking and that they forced a girl (19) to be a prostitute with three other men each day.

Hapsenje u Mirijevu

Foto: MUP Srbije

The arrested family forced the miserable teenage girl to prostitution for seven months.

- Jasmina was the brains behind the operation and she convinced the girl that she is their cousin, using the poor material situation. When the girl went to their home, she came up with a diabolical plan, she published her photos on the internet and she offered sex for money - said the unnamed source for Alo.

Hapsenje u Mirijevu

Foto: MUP Srbije

The rooms where the girls sexually pleased the men were equipped just for those situations.

Marble tiles with the logo of the famous fashion brand, living room full with alcoholic drinks, and in the bedroom, which was used the most - dimmed lights, pink curtains on the window, big french bed, teddy bear and stuffed hearts. 

One wall in the house was dedicated to altarpieces. 

Hapsenje u Mirijevu

Foto: MUP Srbije

Jasmina allegedly arranged sex meetings with her clients, and she even had three men a day. It is supposed that the girl was threatened so she couldn't report her pimps out of fear.


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