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Yacht for orgies with Serb girls: You moan a little bit, roll and you make up to 3.500 euros


The most generous clients are Arabs, and the sex usually lasts for 5 minutes, said one of the prostitutes

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The indispensable part of the summer "tourist offer" for years has been prostitution that is happening on yachts in Turkish, Croatian and Montenegrin waters. As last year's survey showed, in Croatia, 6,700 women are engaged in prostitution, and there are between 75 and 110 thousand regular clients using such services have, but only a small part of them use the services of "elite lady" from a circle that belongs to the so-called elite prostitution.

Confession of a male prostitute: He makes 1.000 euros a month from sex! These are his prices

During the summer, this whole "lewd game" moves to the sea, where the demand for "easy girls" increases each year. The fact that groups of girls from other countries were flown in to the south of Croatia to "work for several days", sometimes weeks, show how much this business spread.

And what happened on the yachts, who was involved, who used the services of prostitutes, it was revealed in the affair of the greatest chain of elite prostitution in Croatia, although it was closed to the public, it revealed a lot about that work and clients.

Rich foreigners enjoy the yacht prostitution, domestic tycoons, athletes, and members of the underground, who pay for thousand euros to hang out with these ladies.


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Girls are brought to the Adriatic from all sides, not just Croatia, but also neighboring states, and there is a great interest for girls from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina because they sell their bodies for a piece of jewelry, luxurious piece of clothes, or designer bags. And those wild parties are filled with huge amounts of alcohol and unavoidable cocaine which is consumed on deck.

Although numerous girls from Croatia do the same work on foreign yachts, under the excuse that they are doing modeling, they were just selling their body. They were hired by agencies to be "escort ladies", and the least they made was 500 euros a day. 

The anonymous confessions of those who worked in these yachts, mostly staff, revealed how it all looked like. One of the members of the staff recently revealed that everything is full of drugs, cocaine, viagra pills which are eaten like candies.

- The owners of the yachts aren't the ones who behave the worst, but those who rent them for one week or two, and they over half a million euros for that, in order to enjoy sailing on ships which have pools. It all comes down to "let's get drugs, let's get prostitutes, let's harass our crew with our demands. I don't complain, I made 28 thousand euros in one summer in tips only - said one member of the crew who worked on foreign yachts.


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Foto: lidiabersani.com

He revealed that the best profit is in Cannes, where prostitutes make up to 35 thousand euros per night during the film festival and the guests are numerous actors from the movie world. However, besides the festival, a summer job is a lot cheaper, and it functions very simply.

- When big clients with yachts are coming, all of the details are discussed several days before. They say how many girls they want, then they take us with cars to their ships, and sometimes we just stay over the night and sometimes, we sail out to the open sea and we return after three or four days - one of the elite ladies her job. When we talk about the job, the most expensive girls make up to 3.500 euros.

One foreign mediator, whose job is to provide prostitutes and drugs to the rich clients, revealed that one of his tasks was to gather the used sex toys, like vibrators, whips, dildoes...

- We welcomed Latvian and Russian prostitutes, and we usually took them to the yacht in the Mercedes fleet. Then the rich clients would pick three ladies for that day. The most generous are Arabs, you can charge up to 35 thousand for just one night only. Arabs are the most generous people in the world, that money is just paper for them. They love to go to the yachts, and women chose if they want to go to the sea or not. There can be up to dozen girls on yachts, usually models, who are naked, or half naked. The fun comes down to drugs, drinks, and sex with gorgeous women. Girls wait for their envelopes at the end of the night. Clients put the agreed amount into the envelope and they write down "gift". Sex isn't so bad, it usually lasts for just 5 minutes. You moan a little bit, breathe heavily, roll, you say he is very big and hard, it is like a trigger for him and he is done in just 5 minutes - reveals one elite Russian prostitute.

VIDEO: New location of prostitutes in Belgrade 

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