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Confession of a guy who took the last train from Belgrade to Moscow: I was there with prostitutes and crazy people, Ukrainians almost arrested me

Goran started this trip on 10th December, and as he told us, he saw all kinds of things on his journey

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The trip from Belgrade to Moscow by train can be a real adventure, because in two days and nights, you can live through lots of things. Goran R. (38) shared his experiences with us, who went to Moscow from Belgrade on 10th December, a day before the line was shut down, on the Russian demand on 11th December.  

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Goran started this trip on 10th December, and as he told us, he saw all kinds of things on his journey.

- To be honest, i would never go to Moscow on a train again. Besides extremely tiring travel of two days and nights, i will always remember the incident on Ukrainian border, because they almost took me off of the train because of my medicinessaid the man.

Goran payed around 200 euros for the ticket, and as he said, for a bit more money, he could travel by plane and to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

- My friend talked me into going with a train. He is afraid of flying, but after this trip i am afraid if going with a train. You can't imagine the people we met. Prostitutes, drunks, violent ones, i saw everything in two days - said this man from Belgrade.

He pointed that everything was relatively normal till Budapest, but the trip from hell started in Ukraine.  

- I had a problem on the border with border control because of my tranquilizers i had on me. I knew it is allowed to have one pack of medicines with you, but they made a scandal over it. I barely managed to get out of it. I had to sign the statement that they confiscated it from me, and that i was present while it was destroyed - remembers this man and adds:

- I was really a torture, even though everything went well, and i arrived alive and well to Moscow, this trip costed me dearly. I would go home by plane even if they did not cancel this line - concluded Goran.


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