Enormous spout blew away people and cars, it ripped trees out of the ground! A terrible whirl stormed through Dalmatia

The spout ripped out trees from the ground

A massive spout arrived from the sea and it threw around cars and people, destroying everything on its path in Dubrovnik airport.

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- I started going towards the building when the rain stopped. That is when I saw the spout. The vortex threw cars and people into the air, destroying everything on its path - said the reader for 24sata.hr who was in the Dubrovnik airport.

Luckily, no one was hurt, and only there was only damage which will be determined later. Dubrovnik Airport Traffic Coordinator confirmed that the spout passed through the airport and that there is damage.

- The spout ripped the trees out of the ground. It even threw a man to the ground, but luckily, he wasn't hurt. My parked car was turned to the other side. The other two cars were lifted at least two meters into the air and they smashed each other - Renato said.

As he said, it all lasted for a few seconds, but that was enough to cause damage.

Flights weren't canceled, so the airplanes took off as scheduled.

A reader of this portal Andreja saw the spot ravaging across Cavtat.

- There was some rain which lasted for 10 minutes, after that, it settled down and I've seen a spout rising up from the surface of the sea. Luckily, when I saw it, there were no ships in the sea, so I hope that there was not much damage. It all lasted a few moments, and then it all settled down and the sun started shining as if nothing has happened.

The water spout is a whirling storm that occurs above sea or bodies of water. Although they are small by size, they can develop very strong destructive wind. It is created due to significant differences in the pressure of air on a relatively small area.

It takes a lot of instability in the atmosphere to create a spout, the storm clouds, and high relative humidity. Fortunately, they quickly spend their energy and they disappear.

(Telegraf.co.uk / 24sata.hr)

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