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She sat in a tractor at the age of 5 for the first time: Help your parents while you still have them


She trained handball, and she gave up on it due to the financial situation, and now she is dancing in a folklore ensemble

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Mirsada Hadzic is a student of the first grade of high school in Kozarska Dubica. She has been helping her parents with agriculture her whole life, and she has a wish to visit the sea. Many people in Dubica have only the words of praise for this brave and very hard working girlShe plows, seeds, drives a tractor, paints the house, takes care of all cattle.  

Genius Vukasin is the national champion in physics and mathematics, without a doubt

- At the age of 10, my father ended up in the hospital, he was really sick. He couldn't move for six months. That was the period when I worked the most. I plowed all of the lands. Father started moving slowly, he did all of those things, and then I helped him, just like I am doing right now - she said.

She trained handball, and she gave up on it due to the financial situation, and now she is dancing in a folklore ensemble.

- I am trying to help my parents. I work around the tractor and with a lot of jobs. I plow, I seed, I feed the cattle, I paint the house, mostly all of the things. I sat down in a tractor when I was 5 years old, I have learned to do everything up to the age of 10. We all work. Mother works at a sawmill, father works at home as a retiree, my sister plays handball, she is the best goalkeeper of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was a very good student in the school "Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic". I have finished ninth grade recently. I went to High school for Pharmacy. I am working over the day, and I read a few lessons before bed, so I don't get a bad grade - she said.

She says that the youth just wants to go to the tavern, to have fun, to get drunk. 

- People, the older one, I have only words of praise for them, they really work, they want to please the children. I am looking at my parents for an example, they really want to please me. They always tried to find the money for handball so I can get shoes. The worst part is, others are making fun of me, I am a bit bothered by that, but I let them, they can do whatever they want. It is on their conscience. If I were them, I would be ashamed. I have never been to the sea. I never felt the smell of the sea, the sand. All of my friends felt that, they've been to the sea. I have a lot of work on a farm and I will hardly go. Some said, why don't you go out, and I say, I can't. I would rather help my father instead of waste money. Help your parents while you still have them, when you lose them, you will be sorry - said Mirsada.


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