Teme: tragedy

A boy killed himself over bad grades, the doctors spent the entire night with the pregnant mother, they were afraid she will lose the unborn baby

Famous Serbian journalist injured in an accident: Dea Djurdjevic in Military Medical Academy, a bus tore off her arm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A priest from Zrenjanin could go to prison for 12 years, and the hardest thing for him is that he lost almost all of his friends

A pregnant woman, her daughter (12) and her husband drowned: A friend jumped after them to save them and he disappeared in the Skadar lake (PHOTO)

Milos (24) was bleeding and he encouraged himself to make it to the hospital: The young man was making plans for the future, and then Djurovic appeared with a knife

Terrible accident near Krusevac: Bus skidded in the curve and it hit a car. Doctors are fighting for a life of a pregnant woman, the firefighters are trying to get the body of the driver (PHOTO)

Five victims of the terrible accident in Nis, the doctors are fighting for the life of two children (VIDEO)

"I saw people crying, there was blood everywhere", the injured boy was in shock. The appeal of his father: It was the matter of days when a tragedy is going to happen (PHOTO)

The family of the dead baby Danica crushed with pain: My little thing, our light, and joy. It would be her first birthday last week (PHOTO)

A terrible explosion in a refinery in Bosanski Brod claimed one life: A worker was found who died, he couldn't be saved

Tragedy at the temple of St. Sava: Two dead in the National Library (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

Pavle prevented a major tragedy in Belgrade: A coach of little basketball players pressed the break with his hand while the bus driver was dying

Montenegrins fear that they could experience the same tragic fate of Genoa: Take a look at the terrible sight of the cracked busy bridge (PHOTO)

Milos' pregnant fiancee Snezana is still in critical condition: She is still in shock room and she doesn't know that her boyfriend is dead

Father and a daughter were killed by electricity in a barn with cows: Older son prevented a greater tragedy and saved other members of the family (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A crash scene just like in action movies: This cursed intersection in Novi sad is a spot for traffic accidents at least once a week

Incredible tragedy in Skopje: He saved his granddaughter from a bus rushing towards them, and he died from shock

Bobana watcher her parents die, she tried to commit suicide and she lost both hands: Now, she has a store, she is happily married and she has a child (PHOTO)

The driver from hell hit children and killed little Aleksa on Divcibare. Was he driving his child in the back seat?

Famous Serbian singer passed away: Sinan Sakic lost the battle with a severe illness

25 years since the death of Romeo and Juliet from Sarajevo: Fatally wounded Admira crawled to dead Bosko, she hugged him and she passed away

Terrible plane crash: The colleagues of the dead pilot explain how the accident occurred (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A boy from Obrenovac killed himself because of sadness for his family: He missed his father, his mother left him, she took sisters and his twin

ALL THE CRIMES OF BLOODY AZRA: This is how she tortured and butchered Serbs - she burned them, tore their organs, ears, cut crosses and letters "S" on them

The results of the autopsy of Srdjan Todorovic's son are in

TERRIBLE TRAGEDY: Three-year-old son of famous Serbian actor Srdjan Zika Todorovic died!

DISTURBING PHOTOS FROM THE SCENE WHERE SHOOTING HAPPENED: Dusko and Tamara were in harmony, and then two shots painted the Belgrade's asphalt in blood (VIDEO)

RED STAR WAS HIS LIFE, HE DIED AT THE ENTRANCE TO MARAKANA: Tragic details of Red Star fan whose heart failed on the match with Cologne

The head of my Milica was smashed: Father Jovo in sorrow for his daughter who was a fitness champion and his five Tanja. He has only his son (11) now (PHOTO)

TERRIBLE TRAGEDY! One of the most beautiful Serbian champions has died! And the most famous bodybuilder in the country has lost her life in a severe accident! (PHOTO)