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"Father was kneeling next to his dead son, headmistress fell in schoolyard": Tragedy in Kacarevo

Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

The autopsy showed that the child's aorta burst when he hit the ground after jumping

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Most students of the elementary school in Kacarevo did not come to class today. Children from lower grades are there, but there is a notice on the building that parents who do not want to, do not have to bring their children to school today.

This is happening after student S.F. (14) took his own life yesterday by jumping from the school's second floor. The Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Pancevo was informed about what happened.

The autopsy showed that the child's aorta burst when he hit the ground after jumping.

"The headmistress cannot make statements today. The authorities will contact you with a statement," said our interlocutor.

Father was kneeling next to his child

A local in the village of Kacarevo was passing by the school yesterday at the time the tragedy occurred. She said that something like this has never happened in that place.

"I saw a man crouching, I thought people were gathering because he was sick, and then I realized that a child had jumped and that it was the father. Everything happened as the children were leaving school. The headmistress was running so fast that she fell in the schoolyard," the local told Telegraf.rs.

She added that two doctors tried to resuscitate the boy who was showing signs of life.

"Soon an ambulance arrived from Pancevo, but shortly after, they said that the child had died. This is really a great tragedy, it was a shock for the children in the classrooms, but also for those who were coming out of the school and saw what happened. They seemed lost," she said.


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