Teme: training

Lazar's average grade was 9.55, and he wasn't able to complete Medical Faculty because of the money: Completely unknown person did something unreal (PHOTO)

Legendary NBA coach: I will go to monasteries around Serbia, only if Zarko Paspalj isn't driving! (VIDEO)

Where is the ball? Bogdanovic performed an NBA trick on his cousin! (VIDEO)

What will Vajda say? Novak is training again with Pepe Imaz! (PHOTO)

A trump card of Novak's play: A tiny change became the strongest weapon for the trophy on Wimbledon! (VIDEO)

A spectacle on the first training of Serbia: Around 2.000 fans cheered for "Eagles" in Russia (PHOTO)

Three stuffed vesalicas, a sausage, and veal, and then going to the court: Djokovic revealed where the real energy comes from!

Terrible plane crash: The colleagues of the dead pilot explain how the accident occurred (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They asked Novak if he is suffering from orthorexia, he began to wonder, and then he smiled, then he gave the best possible answer! (VIDEO)

Djokovic performed a great trick during his training in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Djokovic honestly for Telegraf: What is missing in his game, how important Vajda is and will there be Nole the Champion again!

Nole broke a racket on training, Vajda woke up a tennis beast within him! (PHOTO)

Radek Stepanek left Djokovic!

He told Nole: "Son, return the cross from Hilandar" and he just lifted his shirt: "Dad, I will never stray away from the God's path" (PHOTO)

The infernal torches of Red Star fans on the highway and the incredible reception of the Red Star football players upon arriving from training preparations (VIDEO)

American television is persuading the Clippers coach with Telegraf's video to let Bobi shoot for three points! (VIDEO)

Ivana Spanovic triumphs in Dusseldorf with the season's jump: This is an ideal warm-up for the World Championship! (VIDEO)

He scored 300 shots and the coach said enough! He looked at him and said "I am sorry, I am only counting the ones that DON'T touch the hoops", and kept shooting! (VIDEO)

THREE paths before Novak Djokovic. It will be very hard whatever he chooses! (VIDEO)

Ruthless towards Novak: Federer's wishes came true, Djokovic against Monfils on searing heat!

Serbian handball players isolated at the outskirts of Split, we have no training before the match, and if we win... Is this Croat's provocation of fear that Serbs might be attacked?

You've never seen Novak training like this: Djokovic trained with a pole in a park while cameras were banned (VIDEO)

Jelena is the best fighter in the world, she does ballet in kimono and she works in prison: She is a real brand of Leskovac (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

THE DOLPHIN MAN: He filmed freediving in the dark and dangerous depths. He discovered the mystical side of unknown (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

LONG EXPECTED NEWS: It is known when Djokovic will play his first match after six months of break!

Novak is preparing a serious strategy for the new season: New member of his staff is the proof of that!

The longest gondola in the world will start working by the end of 2018: Zlatibor is getting a sports hall as well

There are 7 sunk ships at the bottom of Ohrid Lake, and now they want to "bury" an airplane into water - for one goal (PHOTO)

SARA CAUSED A BOOTYQUAKE ON BALKANS: Everybody attacked her for her provocative moves, these are her brutal answers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Take a look in the gym of Serbian football players before the match with Austria: We watched a brutal training, and then there was a terrifying scream (VIDEO)