In Serbia, fans are beating the players, coaches ask you to play rough! My peers got drunk, and I trained and went to school: Tadic went through hell to become football deity!

Santiago Bernabeu bowed to the Serb after the phenomenal party which will be retold for a long time

Entire Europe is talking about Dusan Tadic. He played a perfect match against Real Madrid on Santiago Bernabeu and he brought 4:1 victory to Ajax and a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

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It was a match worthy of a 10! The famous French newspaper L'Équipe gave him that score, which was awarded only 9 times in history! Tadic entered the carefully selected company, where not even the greatest names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Maradona, Ronaldo and many other giants of world football could make it.

Tadic always showed talent, even when he was in the jersey of Vojvodina, and it could be seen in the jersey of Serbia, where he was by far the best player of Eagles in the era of Slavoljub Muslin, when he gave him the complete freedom in play.

He has had great games in England, where he played for Southampton, but he is playing the football of his life in Ajax. The manager of the club, Erik ten Hag, gave him complete freedom in his play, which he never had in his career. He was awarded with the role of the key player of Ajax, and they paid a record amount of money for some Dutch club.

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Although he offered magical matches for Ajax during the season, just like the game against Bayern in the Champions League, where he scored two goals, the crown of the season so war was the game on Santiago Bernabeu.

While he was "spinning" Casemiro with dribbles, like a rollercoaster, magical assists and driving crazy the defence of the Real defense, he was playing with the officially best player of the world Luka Modric, scoring against Thibaut Courtois... It was certainly going through Tadic's head, while the entire football world was bowing to him on the most famous stadium of the world, the all of those things he gave up from when he was a kid finally paid off.

He was talking about that himself before when he described what he had to renounce in order to make it in football. He wasn't hanging out with his friends, who got drunk, in order to train and spend time in school. It all finally paid off.

When my peers were able to do all kinds of things with the ball, they would go to drink alcohol. I spent that time in school or on football. I was working a lot on my physical preparations to be stronger. That wasn't luxury, that was a necessity. I played the matches as an attacker against dirty players who just wanted to hit you or to scare you. I understood I have to be strong and to get rid of them quickly. That is how I became better and the invitation from the Netherlands came. 


Foto: MN Press

His father Petar is proof that Tadic has genetic predispositions for football, who was also a talented football player, but he couldn't have a big career due to money and life in the countryside. That is why Tadic decided to move to Novi Sad at the age of 14 when Vojvodina brought him in.

- I stepped on the football field for the first time at the age of 6. I never wanted to leave it again. Vojvodina wanted me when I was 14, they had a great football school. Something like Ajax, only on Balkans. I had to move to Novi Sad with my sister. That is when I learned to stand on my two feet - said Tadic and he described how had his talent.

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- My father was a really good football player. I am talented like my father. He was better with his right foot than me, he was playing in the center. But, living in the countryside, he had no money to make a professional career. He had to work. I am glad that I made him proud of my accomplishments. He knows to be very critical. When he watches my match, he tells me what I did good and what needs to be better for the next time. If I wanted to be better than the rest, I had to live for that.


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When he started talking about the coaches in Serbia, he got mad because the coaches in our country often choke the natural talent of the players.

They want you only to play rough. And that's it. You want to feel free. Every player can show their best when they feel free. If you are scared a bit or anything, you can't give your best - described Tadic, without naming anyone.


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- When you are playing in Vojvodina, it is impossible... If you play one game bad, or if you make a mistake, they start saying "Oh, what is that". That is why a lot of players are afraid to take responsibility, they don't feel well, they don't feel free to show themselves in the right way. And that is why many players play better when they go somewhere else.

- You have the pressure from the fans, they come and they hit the fans, and that is not good. Then, then don't pay the wages in time, then you have to fight for your own money. Then you are not thinking and you are not focused on football. In England, you are focused only on football and you have good pressure. In Serbia, that is incredible pressure. When you lose a game, that is the same as if someone has died, it is very horrifying. They put you in hotels after the matches, and that is really crazy - Tadic said once to the English media.

VIDEO: Modric furiously left the stadium, Tadic has ruined him

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