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Desanka found a 750 euros Rolex, golden ring and euros: Serbs throw a lot of stuff into garbage, as if they are all rich!

Bosnian woman entered the store and took the 50 euros from the worker in the most absurd way: Cameras captured her technique (VIDEO)

Croat girl (18) cheated in Austria: She went to babysit children for 400 euros, she returned without a penny

Young people are massively moving away from Balkans to Germany: They will return only under one condition, and 80% left for the same reason

The most beautiful banker who studied in Belgrade: Nina has the longest line in front of the counter, she receives love messages along with loan requests (PHOTO)

Alexandra tried to convince all women around the world with her books that their "Mr. Perfect" exists, and Belgrade won't forget her for that (PHOTO)

Sandro managed to capture five waterspouts and lightnings: The entire Europe is talking about his unrealistic photos from the Adriatic sea (PHOTO)

The most unusual job in Montenegro: You just have to lie down next to the expensive "Lamborghini", and the money is sent to your bank account (PHOTO)

You need to learn to appreciate your country, because if you do not, who will? Brazilian Thiago fell in love with Serbia, and then decided to move here (PHOTO)

Sandro is a hunter of lightning and storms: His spectacular photos of the clouds have traveled the world, everybody wonders how is this possible (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I LIVED IN HELL, I DREAMED ABOUT SERBIA, I CRIED THE ENTIRE NIGHT: Honest confession of Mirjana (30) whose cakes have infatuated the Swiss (PHOTO)

Sex games in Serbian hospital: Director found a nurse and a lover in action, he escaped to the basement, she took a sick leave

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