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The most unusual job in Montenegro: You just have to lie down next to the expensive "Lamborghini", and the money is sent to your bank account (PHOTO)

Another proof that Montenegrins love the jobs where they can sleep the most

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It is widely known around the world that people are doing extraordinary jobs, like: trying of beds around hotels, trying of water slides, food in restaurants, but we haven't heard that someone's profession is a guard of "Lamborghini". And in Montenegro

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We would hardly believe if there are no photos about it. But, here, we can see a young man spreading cardboard and sleeping by the expensive car. There is no doubt.

To be honest, we don't know if the photos are more hilarious, or the comments below them.

- He sleeps so nicely, they can steal him together with the car.

- It looks like that he is guarding the parking space.

- I would say that he is the owner of "Lamborghini" and that he has only the car, and he doesn't have the house. He sold everything, bought a "Lamborghini" and he is enjoying - some of the comments.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Podgoricki Vremeplov)

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