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Croat girl (18) cheated in Austria: She went to babysit children for 400 euros, she returned without a penny

- All that she said to me was: "I got you out of that hole!"

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A young Croat claims that she was deceived while working in Austria for her godmother, and she decided to publicly tell her story to help people not to get cheated. Namely, two years ago, when she was 18, she decided to go abroad.

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She went to Vienna at her godmother who offered her the job of babysitting, as she said in one group where Croatian emigrants gather and search for jobs abroad, reports CroExpress.

It was a dream come true for me and I took the job immediately. My job was to take care of children and house chores (everything except cooking). I worked every day from 7 AM to 8-9pm, and I have been doing that for 4 and a half months. My wage should be 400 euros. They gave me 200 euros the first month because I wanted to go home for New year, and another 200 when I returned back. However, those 200 euros was the only money I got from them. The second month is going by, the third, the fourth. Every day is a work day and no money - writes this girl.

When she asked her godmother for the wage, she told her to be patient.

- I was quiet because I thought that she won't trick me, she is my godmother after all. Of course, they never registered me. When I realized that nothing will happen, that she used me and that I will never get the money, I decided to return home - said the girl.

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- I told them that the granny is sick and I have to go home, and I asked them to give me the money I fairly earned. They told me they will take me to Croatia and that they will pay me the money in few days. And there, it has been almost two years, and I never got the money.

The tricked girl advises everybody to watch where they are going.

If you see that someone didn't pay you in time, better leave right away until the amount is still small, to avoid what has happened to me. I know that I should have left right away, like the most of you do, but I was young and I didn't know that the people are still so bad and that they just want to use you. All that she said to me was: "I got you out of that hole!" Where did you take me, you used me, and this is where it all went! Take care where you are going and avoid our people, I was tricked by my own godmother, and let alone someone who doesn't know you - concludes the girl.


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