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The only place in Croatia where Serbs, Catholics, and Muslims live together: They celebrate two Christmases with national music bands and they don't lock their doors

Bosnian (19) left to work in Croatia, then they found him dead in his room! (PHOTO)

VESELIN JEVROSIMOVIC: The artificial intelligence will become even more advanced in 2018

Putin is building smart RUSSIAN CITIES in Serbia

A Serb from Canada is asking for advice about moving to Serbia: He got such a brutal answers that he won't be coming here for vacation for some time

CIA is offering 160.000 dollars a year, you just have to know the Serbian language! There is only one condition you have to fulfill!

Milica has left her job so she can dedicate herself to cattle and to making cheese which people eat all the way to Africa: This is her answer to the "stars" (PHOTO)

Who fired a bullet in Dragan Roganovic's back? Famous Montenegrin boxer and a former bodyguard has been shot! (VIDEO)

Awesome kid Miki (18) has a tractor since he was 2 years old, he is proud of it and he loves it as a best friend: Their photos are amazing (PHOTO)

The easiest job in Serbia, make 6.000 euros is 5 minutes: This is a list of all sites where you can find truffles (VIDEO)

Marko went to Germany to search for a job: However, he escaped back, and these are his reasons (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The last little miller: Ognjen is the most hardworking boy in Serbia. He is running a family business and goes to school, the winds and the floods are not bothering him

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