I LIVED IN HELL, I DREAMED ABOUT SERBIA, I CRIED THE ENTIRE NIGHT: Honest confession of Mirjana (30) whose cakes have infatuated the Swiss (PHOTO)

Wherever she turned she only saw the hills around her and the people who were not hers. Nothing made sense

Switzerland is a promised country for many people. Many people dream of getting a job in this country and they imagine good wages. That's what Mirjana did, and then she decided to accomplish her dreams... which immediately became - A NIGHT MARE?

Serbian officer is offering free vacation for poor families because he knows what's it like to have nothing: Predrag provides accommodation, food, and transportation (PHOTO)

I can never forget my first year spent in Switzerland because that was the year I cried the most. I counted the days till my vacation when I can return to my birthplace and hug my father, my mother, sister and my granny. To feel the warmness, the love of my birthplace, where neighbors wish me a good morning - said Mirjana Lettieri (30) who moved from Loznica to Swiss city Bellinzona 12 years ago. Now she is making cakes and Swiss have lost their mind for them.

- The fate, or I don't know what else, has brought me to this small, beautiful, and very rich country where living conditions and the future are very decent. But... There is always that little "but" - Mira remembers the difficult beginnings.

She didn't like anything at the start. The food was tasteless, that certain "something" was missing, like when I would come from school and fresh, hot, grandma's bread would wait on the table.

I had a feeling that I fell down a hole with no exit. Wherever I turned, I saw only hills around me and people who were not mine. Nothing made sense - she remembers.

After almost a year of nostalgia and suffering, she began working in a restaurant. She got up every morning at 4 AM before the opening to clean the apartment, and then she worked in a kitchen where she helped the chef. She would then wash and clean again.

- Not knowing a word of Italian language, I tried to hear everything to learn it as fast as possible. Of course, there is someone in every job that doesn't like you. They would laugh at my face when I made some mistake in speaking - she said.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Getting up way too early after seven months of torture is coming to an end. She starts working in a shopping mall as a saleswoman.

- It was something entirely new for me, with work hours from 9 to 18:30. Unlike the previous job, I was always nicely dressed, with makeup and smelling nice. My circle of friends started growing, and with it also my way of life - said the pretty Mirjana.

When a man knows what he/she wants in life, they get strength and will to continue going alone, even though they didn't know they had it in them. After seven years of living in Switzerland, Mirjana meets the man of his life and they get their first daughter.

Foto: Loredana Turchi

- The role of a mother is not easy because I used my time while the baby was asleep the best way possible. Watching various photos of birthdays where the main protagonist is the cake, I came up with the idea to do that as well - she explains how she decided to start her on business.

I watched a granny preparing a lunch with so much love, so she made her first bread. Everybody was amazed. And her mother was an expert for cakes and cookies, she got all the knowledge from her.

- The first birthday of our princess approached, and then the baptism. I knew that I should start from there. I experimented and I made a slightly different cake than the ones we were used to seeing. Everything turned out the way I imagined the first time - she said happily.

Foto: Mirjana Litieri

She never stopped making them ever since. She has been in this "sweet" job for four years and she is always trying to add something new. Of course, competition in the land of candy is strong, but Mirjana found her place.

- If you are good with what you do, there is no fear or obstacles. Swiss are sometimes pretty demanding as customers, but I always try to understand them completely. Even if I make some mistake, they forget about it when they try my cake - said the beautiful girl from Loznica.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

She adds that her ears are all red before the sleep because the messages keep coming for a job well done.

Now she has two beautiful daughters with her husband Simon and they come to Serbia quite often. To the grandma's hot bread, mom's cookies, and the always needed dose ov love from her father and sister.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- My husband wouldn't leave Serbia if he could, our country is the only place where he can completely relax, where he has a guaranteed fun. I won't even talk about the food. He loves everything that is connected to Serbia and our people. He even learned our language and he insists that we enroll our children in Serbian school so they can learn how to talk properly - said Mirjana at the end of the conversation.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

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