GUYS, RUSH HERE: In THIS place in Serbia there are most women per single man!

Statistic map of gender numbers shows that the stronger sex is fewer in most Municipalities in Serbia

In demographic picture of Serbia women are dominating! According to the data from 2014, there were 200.000 more women then men. The fairer sex were more in numbers in Medijana, where there is 1.1 woman on a man. If we exclude Vracar, municipality in Belgrade, this is the Serbian community with greatest number of women. 

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The data the census in 2014, in this municipality there are 85.555 people, and women make 45.436, and men 40.119. According to this, this is probably one of the places where you can find your other half. If anything, considering that there are 5.317 more women, the odds are in your favor.

Statistic map of gender numbers shows that the stronger sex is fewer in most Municipalities in Serbia. These data were given to us by the Republican Bureau of Statistics, and as they say, this is because women live longer, around 2,5 years. 

- Life expectancy of women is longer, that's why there are more of them in Serbia, and this municipality has greatest numbers of fairer sex - said for Telegraf from the Republican Bureau of Statistics. 

City municipality of Medijana is one of five city municipalities in total formed in October 2004 with the division of administrative area of Nis. With its surface of 16 km2 it is the smallest, and with the number of residents, the greatest city municipality.

The average age of men and women in Serbia is 42.2 years, shown by the census, the highest from WWII. The citizens were the youngest after the first after war count in 1948, when it was 29 years. Since then it has been in steady increase, and the greatest jump was made between 1981 and 1991 when the population was older by whole 4 years. 


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