Teme: People

Croats are escaping out of the country, and the jobs remain empty: Students are saving the employers, and they are being paid 30 percent more than usual

Patriarch Irinej compared the position of Serbs in Montenegro with those in the Independent State of Croatia: Unfortunately, hatred exists in the people

Serbs - the most divided people: We are divided among the politics the most, of course! The research confirmed that

Dejan (25) traveled to Columbia and he discovered what the locals think about Yugoslavia, and what do they think about Escobar now (PHOTO)

2-meter long ducky and fierce sex! Everybody filmed them while they were making love, but that's not all! They got out naked out of the water and the entire beach cheered (VIDEO)

Posle Džulije Roberts, Nikol Kidman i ostalih lepotica, evo koja svetska zvezda je proglašena za najlepšu ženu na planeti! (FOTO)

Happy New Year 7527, according to the oldest Serbian calendar

Terrible scenes in a nursing home: Grandma hasn't seen the light of the day for five years since there is no one to take her out

Next time we are going to Kosovo: Night Wolves revealed where the Russian influence is felt the most in Serbia (PHOTO)

The Serb community in Mostar is being restored: The position of the Serbs is difficult, but they fight for their place (PHOTO)

Half a million Montenegrins live outside of the state, more than 40.000 in Serbia

5-word lesson of a lifetime by Patriarch Pavle: They warned him not to take the public bus in the middle of summer, and he said the greatest thing ever!

Vucic after the visit to Kosovo: It wasn't easy or pleasant, but I am happy with the stay on Kosovo and Metohija because I did important work for the people

Chicago is no longer a Serbian city: More and more people are avoiding to call themselves Serbs

The king of Instagram dominated again: Pahor is going to round two with Sarec and he has twice as many votes

The American has been returning every year for 7 years to live here, he loves taverns, villages, and people: He wants a Serbian woman for his wife and Serbian genes in his family (PHOTO)

By understanding the troubles and the pain of Serbs in Kosovo, you have become one of us: Arnaud Gouillon received the most beautiful message in his life (PHOTO)

They wanted to leave Kosovo: Two bus departures from Pristina to Belgrade canceled

You need to learn to appreciate your country, because if you do not, who will? Brazilian Thiago fell in love with Serbia, and then decided to move here (PHOTO)

Croats and Serbs switched their houses during the war in 90-ties: They never visited their homes until now, and the memories are still painful (VIDEO)

American tourists delighted with Bosnia: Nature is gorgeous, everything is clean, and they were fascinated the most by one thing

It is scientifically proven that there are no differences between Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks: They would all be in the same state if the DNA determined the borders (MAP)

Christian was in North Korea and he danced on the most dangerous border in the world: He discovered everything we didn't know about Kim (PHOTO)

Wounds, blisters, rain, sun, pain, and then happiness and pride: They walked 170 kilometers from the heart Herzegovina to Ostrog (VIDEO)

World exclusive: The origin of the ancient population of Serbia discovered - its not what we thought it was!

POLICE WAS WITH THE PEOPLE: Moment that illustrates how the entire Macedonia rose to its feet (VIDEO)

Secrets of the labyrinth city: There is an entrance for love, happiness and energy, and paths that curves to life and death (VIDEO)

DIno Dvornik's daughter opened her soul: It sounds strange but i love Belgrade!

Are you certain that there are most Serbs in Serbia? You may be surprised when you see the real statistics!

Country for old men: By 2030. there will be only old folks in Serbia. And they will leave alone